Traffic Jam paragraph (শব্দার্থসহ)

Traffic Jam  paragraph (শব্দার্থসহ)

Traffic Jam

When too many vehicles try to move along a street or a road at a time, it is called a traffic jam. It is a common scenario and a great problem in big cities and towns in our country. There are many reasons for it. The important cause of traffic jam is the narrowness of roads and the large number of vehicles. Our vehicles have increased but our roads have not increased accordingly. Lots of rickshaws that ply on the roads often block the roads and create traffic jam. Most of the drivers are not willing to obey traffic rules. They want to drive their vehicles at their sweet will, which is another cause of traffic jam. Wrong parking and unnecessary overtaking of vehicles are also responsible for traffic jam. Owing to traffic jam, people have to wait on the roads for several hours. It kills their valuable time and hampers their work. Many people fail to attend their workplace on time. It causes great suffering for seriously ill patients. We want to get rid of this problem. To overcome the problem, the existing narrow roads and streets should be widened. One-way movement of vehicles should be introduced, and flyovers have to be constructed in certain areas where traffic jam occurs frequently. Besides these, traffic rules should be imposed strictly, so that drivers are obliged to obey them. Sufficient traffic police should be posted at important points. Unlicensed vehicles should be banned. Above all, it is the duty of every citizen to follow the traffic rules to avoid traffic jam.


Move along meaning in bangla-সামনে এগিয়ে যাওয়া

At a time meaning in bangla-একেবারে

City meaning in bangla-বড় শহর বা মহানগরী।

Town meaning in bangla- গ্রামের চেয়ে বড় কিন্তু পুরোপুরি শহর হিসেবে গড়ে উঠেনি।

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Ply meaning in bangla-চালানো

Road meaning in bangla- রাস্তা 

Street meaning in bangla- শহরের পাকা রাস্তা,  যার পাশে ভবন,  অট্টালিকা ,  দোকানপাট ও অন্যান্য নাগরিক লক্ষণ দ্রষ্টব্য।

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Post meaning in bangla- চাকরি দেওয়া

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