The life of a farmer paragraph (শব্দার্থসহ)

The life of a farmer  paragraph (শব্দার্থসহ)

The life of a farmer

A person who runs his family by farming lands and producing crops is called a farmer. He lives in the rural areas of Bangladesh and generally grows paddy, jute, oil seeds, sugarcane, and many other crops. He usually gets up early in the morning and goes to the fields. He ignores every trouble and works hard in the field from dawn to dusk. Generally, he inherits a little land. Since he has no land, he takes a lease of land on the basis of sharing the crop between him and the landowner. By farming, many people in our country earn their livelihood. A farmer's income is not sufficient, and he has to maintain his family through hardship. He does not get what he needs. The important cause of his poverty is that he is mostly illiterate. As a result, he cannot apply scientific methods to cultivation. A farmer depends on the mercy of nature. Sometimes, his crops are destroyed by droughts, floods, etc. Often, he doesn’t have enough money to buy seeds and fertilizer. As a result, he cannot produce more food. For the farmer's contribution, we can have our food. A farmer is a part and parcel of our economy. A farmer is an asset to the country, and we should respect him. The government and the rich people of our country should come forward to remove the sufferings of the poor farmers of our country.


farm (noun)  হিসেবে অর্থ- খামার

farm (verb) হিসেবে অর্থ- চাষ করা

produce meaning in Bangla- উৎপাদন করা

rural area meaning in Bangla- গ্রামীণ এলাকা

oil seeds meaning in Bangla- তৈলবীজ 

sugarcane meaning in Bangla- আখ

trouble meaning in Bangla ঝামেলা

Grow meaning in Bangla-বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া

Mercy meaning in Bangla- ক্ষমা

inherit meaning in Bangla-উত্তরাধিকার সূত্রে পাওয়া

lease meaning in Bangla-ইজারা

landowner meaning in Bangla-জমিদার

crop meaning in Bangla-ফসল

mercy of nature meaning in Bangla-প্রকৃতির দয়া

depends on meaning in Bangla-নির্ভর করা 

enough money meaning in Bangla- পর্যাপ্ত অর্থ

droughts meaning in Bangla-খরার

through hardship meaning in Bangla-কষ্টকর পরিস্থিতির মধ্যে থাকা

destroy meaning in Bangla- ধবংস করা 

poverty meaning in Bangla- দরিদ্রতা 

scientific methods meaning in Bangla-বৈজ্ঞানিক পদ্ধতি 

cultivation meaning in Bangla-চাষ

contribution meaning in Bangla- অবদান 

we can have our food meaning in Bangla-আমাদের খাদ্যের যোগান আসে 

part and parcel meaning in Bangla-অবিচ্ছেদ্য অঙ্গ

asset meaning in Bangla- সম্পদ

sufferings meaning in Bangla- দুর্ভোগ

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